Monday, August 4, 2014

And Now I am Tripple Booked for a Very Long Extended Vacation

Mr. Rogue and I have been trying to plan a family trip since February. A few times we almost booked something, but then Mr. Rogue would get busy at work again. We kept talking, throwing out ideas of where to go and what to do, but the timing was never right with his schedule.

Three weeks ago I decided to go and visit my parents in Orlando Florida. My mom had a surgery which I wanted to fly out for, but my mom convinced me to wait a few weeks until after, when she would be feeling better to have company. So I booked my trip excited to see her.

And then Ms. Ivey moved to Sarasota Florida, not more than a 2.5 hour drive from where my parents were staying. Despite having just seen her a few weeks ago I couldn't be that close and NOT visit. I wanted to see her new place, her new job, and where she was going to be living. A visitor within a few weeks of moving and getting a new job isn't optimal, but that is how it worked out. So I extended my trip a few days to see her as well.

And then a week later Mr. Rogue let me know a window of time that would be good for him to take a trip. Originally I was going to fly home and then we were going to go somewhere together. We talked about an Alaskan cruise, or to visit another Hawaiian island, we talked about the Philippines, and even just a simple camping trip somewhere near our home. However after days of talking and weighing our options in the end, since I was already in Florida, we decided that Mr. Rogue would just fly to me and we would have a Florida Road Trip adventure.

So I changed my tickets, I got Mr. Rogue his tickets, and I will now be in Florida for three weeks. A week in Orlando with my parents, four days in Sarasota with Ms. Ivey, and 11 days with Mr. Rogue traveling from Tampa down the coast of Florida and across to the Florida Keys. Let the planning begin!!! GAME ON.

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