Monday, July 14, 2014

Manic Monday: Huntington Gardens

I met a new mom friend that loves going and doing almost as much as I do. Today we made plans to visit the Huntington Gardens, a place that I love to wander and explore. My membership had expired so I renewed and got my friend in as well. I brought my camera, but I have been trying more and more to be in the moment. I will stop here and there to take a photo when I cannot stand not too. Photography, no matter how much I love it, takes time. It takes attention, and that is time and attention that I am not spending with my son. I cannot give photography up completely, I don’t want too, but I do want to make sure I have a good life balance.







Most of the gardens I have been in at one point or another, but this time we checked out the childrens gardens, something I hadn’t seen until today. Although our little kiddos were still a little too young, give them about 6 more months, the place was full of fantasy and make believe. OH and water. Some kids were playing and they were having a blast getting really wet. Note to self, bring extra clothes when My Little Cricket is ready to be cut loose here.




My friend hadn’t been to the gardens before, it was great fun living vicariously through her joy and wonder. We had a splendid time!




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Jennifer Arens said...

sound like my kind of place!

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