Thursday, July 24, 2014

Checking Out The Pirate Park

Since we weren’t having our baby group class today some of the moms from class decided to meet at the new pirate park. I hadn’t been yet, and I have been looking for new parks to take my Little Cricket too. Once he starts walking I cant wait to go to the park often. Plus I haven’t gotten a chance to hang out with this group of women from my class often. Everyone in this class is an A type personality, super busy with their lives and we haven’t gotten to connect outside of class very often. So I decided my Little Cricket and I would join the group.

Sadly only two moms ended up showing up. Aside from the low turnout the park was super cool.



Not only was it a neat space with slides and ramps and little things for the kids to interact with, it was also right on the beach and it was fenced in. So when we get to the age where my Little Cricket wants to run away from me instead of toward me when I call THIS is the park that I can come too.



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