Friday, July 18, 2014

BBBS 69: Bowling with the Gang

I have been trying to hang out with my Little more often, and every time Ms. Ivey is in town we make it a point to hang out together. This time, since I had to bring my Little Cricket with me, and since the options for something all of us can do with a baby tagging along are limited we decided to go bowling. Often my Little’s Twin comes with us but this time her brother also joined our group. Six bowlers, a ton of competition, a bunch of high fives and smack talking and cheers and laughter.





My Little Cricket did great, he had so much fun watching us all bowl, and when he was done sitting in the stroller he had plenty of arms to be passed around too. I even gave him my little camera for a few minutes while we were eating pizza and he took a fabulous self portrait. Very artistic my son!






After bowling for a couple hours it was time to turn in our shoes, drop the kids off and head back home. I love that I have this family in my life, and I also love that the friends in my life that love me make it a point to support these kids as well. You can hear it in my Little's questions, and she can see how you can keep friends for a lifetime. Consistency with these kids is key.



By the time we drove the hour there, a couple hours for bowling and then an hour home I was whipped out. There was no way I was cooking so after a few seconds of deliberation, we decided to order sushi from our fav local place. Sushi + a good movie + my feet up = happiness.




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