Monday, June 23, 2014

Time to Get This Party Started

I want more kids, without a doubt. The problem I am having is when to start trying for baby number 2. I would love 3 or even 4, and since we had so many issues trying to have our first I have anxiety around waiting too long. But I also wanted to savor some time with my first. Get those cuddles in, get my body back to feeling right, and make sure I am not pushing too soon to meet a timeline that is in my head.

Originally (before I had my baby) I wanted to start trying as soon as possible, aka as soon as my doctor gave me clearance, which was around 6 months. But then I had the baby, the months rolled by so fast, there was no way I was ready at 6 months. So I waited until 9 months had passed, and then a year went by…

I have always structured my life on goals and timelines and getting things done asap. I am not patient. I do not like to go with the flow and I hate not having a plan. So this whole loosy goosy approach to wait and see when it feels right in a way feels very wrong.

I was having a hard time trying to communicate how I felt having a second child to my husband… and then I found this diagram and its just awesome.


Anyways my point it, we are going to start trying for #2 soon. Im excited… and terrified.

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paul peggy zeus said...

I'm excited too! Funny how your honey does so well with graphs and charts to get your point across. Put him on the spreadsheet! I loved it.

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