Friday, July 4, 2014

The Week in Moments: 59 Weeks Old

My Little Cricket,

You are a wonder of joy, a gift of such epic proportions that I sometimes feel like I am dreaming. You bring so much joy to my life and you are getting more and more fun as you get older and learn new things and new joys. This week you finally got the turning action down. Something that has caused NO END of frustration for you. And let me tell you, youre obsessed. You car ignition, Tupperware lids, screw on lids of any kind like my water bottle and even the lock on the back door. Everything must turn, and you have a mission to turn it a million times. Its totally adorable.




I moved the trash several weeks ago out of the great room and put it in the dining room, behind your baby gate so you can no longer throw things away. I thought that this would solve the matter of missing toys. However this week when I was sorting through your toy bins I found several pieces missing. I knew that those pieces had to be somewhere, so I started searching. And then I finally found your new stash. We have two large trees in our family room, in giant ceramic pots. Yup those pots could look like something amazing you could store your toys in. Needless to say I found the toys… I am totally on to you kiddo.


Kitchenware is still my go to distraction when you need something new to do. You have a ton of toys, but after a while you want novelty. The kitchen is a treasure trove of fun stuff. This weeks obsession are my large steel bowls. I put all three out, you love to stack them, you love to rock them, you love to put things in them and I just pass out in rapture when you giggle at your reflection in them.


Daddy is still working a ton of overtime and although you haven’t seen him often over the past few weeks you have seen him. It’s the biggest reason we moved a few years ago so close to work. We knew when you came that living closer would mean more time at home with you. Daddy’s work is only 7 minutes away. By saving time on commuting time we have gained family time. Of course family time is never enough, especially with daddy working so much overtime. Without much family in the area I don’t know how I am going to survive the next two years of overtime. We will just have to suck it up and manage as best we can.


Since daddy was working so much I totally got behind on all my chores, to the point that I was so far behind on laundry that I ran out of pajamas. I figured for one night I could put you in the next size up jammies that I had on hand. They were clean after all and just a little big too big. I figured since you were just sleeping it would be fine… YEAH RIGHT. I walked in that morning to find you interestingly dressed, or undressed. Your pants were on the floor and your little shirt was wrapped up above your head. Mommy fail, but you were happy as always to see me regardless.


I am so sick and tired ALREADY of putting you in the car seat, the stroller and the high chair. It seems some days all I do is strap you in and strap you out. So this week I figured I would try to feed you one of your snacks on the floor with a little bowl instead of in the high chair. Yeah that didn’t work out so well either. You were unfocused, you wanted to play with your food, you kept lifting up the bowl and scattering your little cheese owls all over. Looks like we will have to wait a few more months before we try again.


You are trying to feed yourself sometimes, or just play with your food sometimes, but you refuse to hold the spoon the right way. You are very adamant about holding the spoon the way that you want to hold the spoon and you get VERY frustrated if I try to show you the right way… doesn’t remind me of anyone! I was a stubborn child and I can see this coming out in my son already. Karma. So right now I am just going with the flow and letting you do your own thing. Eventually we will get that spoon turned around… or you will just eat like a caveman the rest of your life. Either way, I still love you.

You know what I love most about this stage right this moment. Aside form the all encompassing joy of so many things you find everywhere, is that everything is a toy. Everything needs to be played with, weighed, explored. I can see the little wheels working in your brain. I see you grow. I see you get frustrated and then figure it out. And I am having these amazing experiences of awesomeness when you finally get it. Little humans are so much fun.




You are walking so fast now. You are still using a walker, but I cant believe how quickly you can zoom along. Many times now you are only using one hand when you walk. Each week you get steadier and steadier on your feet. You are a very very cautious child. Very careful about trying new things. You aren’t a bed leaper, you aren’t a risk taker, you are more like your father that way. Very cautious and safe. So I am not surprised you aren’t walking yet. Soon though, it will be soon.

You are still teething, a tooth came in last week. Your first little adorable snaggle tooth, and it seems like another will come in soon. Unfortunatly teething sucks and you are a little cranky pants sometimes. It has gotten to the point that I am starting to use the binkie more and more. Normally we only use the binkie when you are sleeping but now the binkie is getting used often. I know I am creating a bad habbit, but I can tell you are in pain and you aren’t really into the frozen teethers I give you.



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paul peggy zeus said...

Loved the videos! Keep em coming! I almost think he was more interested in hearing the tink on the dish with the spoon, rather than trying to eat. His little brain is working overtime and he is learning so much. He is walking, almost running now with his walker. It won't be long before he's on his own. That last photo is sooooo sad! ;-(

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