Thursday, June 26, 2014

Goodbye Little Ms. M

One of my moms groups has a large membership, but a really small core of us that come out consistently. This week us core moms met at the park to say farewell to one of our little members. They are moving back east. Family and money and jobs just make more sense back there with their little girl and I can totally get it. I would LOVE to live close to my parents or Mr. Rogue’s. This whole being a mom thing is tough. Sure I have a village here of friends, I even have a few family members, but it isnt the same as grandma swinging by every so often to take her grand baby away for a few hours. AHHH bliss.


So we met, we ate, we had cupcakes, and we chased around our little toddlers. My Little Cricket was trucking clear across the park, without even looking back to make sure I was following him. He really is fearless. And so it begins, I can no longer go to the park and sit, now we run.




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paul peggy zeus said...

I'm so happy you have such a great circle of friends. Gone are the days kids move down the street from their parents and everyone lives in a happy, small community. Sad, but true. Two of my kids moved to the tips of the US, what's a mom to do? TRAVEL!

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