Saturday, July 5, 2014

Independent Hives

I love fireworks, and fourth of July in LALA land is often incredible. There are so many amazing free firework shows that its really hard to choose just one place to go. This year we decided to stay in. Aside from the fact that we weren't sure how my Little Cricket was going to react to the big loud booming fireworks, we also didn’t want to deal with crazy LALA land traffic. Once year it took Mr. Rogue and I two hours to go 10 miles. Adding a baby into that mix sounded less than fun.

You know when at the end of the day you realize you made the absolute RIGHT decision. Yeah today was one of those days.

So we invited Mr. Fruit over and just had a little bbq at the house. We cooked hot dogs, and brats, corn on the cob and I even made fresh potato salad. It was all super delicious and super tasty. We were having a great time until the rash.




My Little Cricket over the course of two hours developed a weird rash. At first it was in his armpits and diaper area. I was thinking maybe a heat rash and decided to just keep my eye on it since he didn’t have any other symptoms of fever or crankiness. But then the rash started moving to his legs and his trunk. In the end, with a weird rash that moved, I played it safe and called and emailed my pediatrician photos. I felt bad for bothering her because it was a holiday, but I wasn’t sure what I should do.



She replied relatively quickly that it was hives, probably an allergy to something he ate. We still don’t know what my Little Cricket is allergic too, but I suspect dairy and maybe something else he had in the last 24 hours. But that is for another post. She told me to go pick up baby Benadryl and she gave me the dosage for his weight. Of course since you generally aren’t supposed to give baby Benadryl to a child until 2 I didn’t have any in the house.

I ran quickly to the pharmacy around the corner. I stood in line and couldn’t help but giggle at my purse pouch. My wallet, keys, binkie and a go to distraction toy. Even when my son wasn’t with me, his emergency stuff was.



The Benadryl made my Little Cricket drowsy. We lite a few sparklers which he enjoyed sort of. I guess at least he didn’t cry. But soon my Little Cricket passed right out. We put him to bed early and I obsessed over the baby monitor.


I had a few sparklers and some small little firework things that we played with in the backyard after dark. We were like little kids. HA.









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paul peggy zeus said...

Mr Rogue looks like a magician in that one photo with the poof of smoke. Where was Mr Fruits rest of his family? A good BBQ on the 4th of July is always in order. YUM!

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