Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Conversation About Allergies

I scheduled an appointment with my pediatrician. There really isnt anything wrong other than I have a suspicion that my son is allergic to dairy. Not knowing though is something I am not cool with, and since non of our simple testing with small amounts of dairy is showing clear results I decided to finally go into the office to talk to the doctor.

My doctor is great, she isnt a pusher, she advocates what she thinks is the right course, and then with all the information presented to the parent she respects my decision. She is the perfect doctor for me, and she takes excellent care of my son, who also adores her.


After discussing my options at finding out if he is allergic to dairy I decided to follow her plan. We would go to a clinic and get a simple blood test. They would only draw enough blood for a very small allergy test, one only for milk. The shot is called an Immunocap and it will test to see if he is allergic to the milk protein. Once we have those results we can make a plan about next steps.

At least this is a step in the right direction to finding out answers. Because really without it I am just fumbling around in the dark guessing. Plus we have amazing insurance, why not use it.

Because my Little Cricket is so little, my doctor sent us to a specialty clinic. I was told to speak to the senior nurse, and if they weren’t available to draw his blood then to go back another day. I loved her logic, I really didn’t want a nubie poking my sons little veins trying to do this test.


I was a little bit of a nervous wreck right before, although I was trying not to show it. I don’t like shots, in fact there is an alleged story going around that it may, or may not have, taken a few nurses to hold me down when I was young to get my shots. The nurse came into the room and she brought both the other nurses with her, ‘to show em how its done’ she said. She walked through each step, and I held my breath when the needle came out. My Little Cricket, he didn’t flinch, he didn’t whimper, he just sat there calm as can be while she took the little vial of blood for the test.

I was incredibly relieved.

And the nurse gave my son a high five. Never had she had such an easy baby.


… two days later my doctor called. The test is from a 0-5. Zero being not allergic at all and five being super allergic. My Little Cricket scored a .86 which is inconclusive. I thought that this was going to give me answers. Instead I have more vague guidelines. So I got a referral and made an appointment for a top notch allergist.

I am getting my questions answered.

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paul peggy zeus said...

You have such a great son, my grandson was such a BIG BOY letting them take his blood with nothing but a whimper.

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