Friday, May 30, 2014

The Week in Moments: 54 Weeks Old

My Little Cricket,

Its been such a busy few weeks, you turned one, we had your birthday party and we have been visiting like crazy with friends and family. Both sets of grandparents flew in for your birthday and you have hardly touched the floor all week. You are being read to, snuggled, cuddled, kissed, fed and you even fixed a car. You are loving the attention, LOVING IT. I so wish everyone we loved lived close, that you would see your grandparents and cousins more often and that family lived closer; I am however greatful that you have seen as much of family as possible with us either traveling or them traveling to us.










You got several annoying loud toys for your birthday. Mommy has a very sensitive noise tolerance. I am getting better, babies after all make tons of noises. However I cannot believe that I will ever love the oh so loud, oh so annoying screeches and songs some of these toys make. My parents gave you this horribly obnoxious car carrier with these little talking cars that you are completely in love with. Most of the time you only have one or two of the five noise making cars going, but when they are all talking and beeping I tend to want to pull out my hair. Thankfully I have noise cancellation headphones… but we will see how long these toys last in this house.


Per your pediatricians instructions I started you on cheese this week. She actually wanted me to start last week but I didn’t want to have to deal with a questionable outcome or you getting sick right before the party. I gave you an ounce a day for four days and then you started living up to one of your nicknames… Fire-butt. I am actually not positive that the too many messy diapers, and when I mean messy I mean explosive out the sides and the top getting all over everything kind of diapers, in a day are from the dairy, you could have a stomach flu or you could also be teething. So for now we are going to stop dairy again, give you time to get over whatever you have going on, and then we will try the cheese again. At least the sickness hasn’t dampened you, you are still the happiest baby ever.






This week you started an awesome table habit. One I am sure of many more to come. You are putting your foot on the table, as if that is a comfortable way to eat. Not exactly what I would call stellar table manners. Are you showing off your flexibility, or do you truly think that this is where you foot should go. At first I thought it was a fluke, but you did it 4 days out of the past 7, that I know of. Time to break out the manners enforcement.



You are generally super chill. An easy baby where nothing really seems to bother you. The blow dryer, the vacuum cleaner, the fire alarm, the ambulance all are just interesting. However this week we finally came across something that freaked you out. We were at your cousins house and they brought out their furbie. It started blinking and talking and you lost it. I agree buddy those things are ridiculously weird!



My adorable precious baby prince… mama love you with all my heart.






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paul peggy zeus said...

I don't think I got to see his crown, as for the noisy little cars and carrier truck, hey, no problem. Boys were made for noisy toys, it gets their juices going.

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