Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Package was Kidnapped, and then Rasomed

You know, the postal service needs work. With all the technology nowadays you would think that the system could flow a little more flawlessly… not that the system was ENTIRELY at fault here but if I had to lay down the blame on someone it would be them. Although Ms. Pool Shark initially may have started this landslide of drama, she in no way caused the horrific chain of events that occurred after.

It was my Little Crickets birthday. Ms. Pool Shark offered to fly out, but when she is here I get territorial and selfish of our time, and with a houseful of family flying in I knew I wouldn’t get the visit I wanted with her. Instead we agreed to see each other in a few months. She called me when everyone left, a week after the party, to get a low down on all the fun we had. In the middle of our conversation she asks how I liked the package…

Package, I didn’t get a package.

Twenty minutes digging on the internet for tracking and she finally realized her mistake. The package had been delivered May 27th, but it had been delivered to a business. We were both entirely perplexed why she would have my address in her address book as a business, until I realized that that is the company I use to box and send all my packages. Because it had already been at the business a week I crossed my fingers and called, but the manager I spoke to said that they only accept pacakages from people who have PO Boxes. For legal reasons he would have sent it back.

I was confused. Because if he had sent it back, it should be tracked as being returned to sender.


So Ms. Pool Shark called the post office, I called the post office. I went to the post office TWICE over the next week. The hope was to catch it before it got returned all the way back to Pittsburgh. But we still couldn’t find it. The package was missing. Missing a week and no one knew where it was.

When, after the second time looking at the post office the package still wasn’t there I decided to call the original business again. After badgering the manager to at least LOOK for the box he finally very angrily agreed to at least look around. 3 minutes later he comes back on the line and says he has the box, but that he cannot give it to me.

I either need to pay 40 dollars for a PO Box for the month, so he can legally release the box to me. OR he can return it to the sender.

SIGH. Since I had been working with the manager at the post office I told him to return it, and that I would just pick it up from the post office.

A week went by, I went to the post office and STILL NO FRIGGIN PACKAGE.

Finally I drove to the business. I found the manager, I saw my package and I negotiated a ransom. Instead of paying $40 dollars for a month of a PO Box. I filled out a crap load of paperwork and paid $5 dollars for a PO Box for the day. Totally ridiculous, probably illegal, and oh so frustrating. But I left that place with my Little Crickets presents. Once I saw the box I wasn’t letting it out of my sight.



Finally at home with my very late in arriving package I pulled out brightly wrapped packages out. My Little Cricket mostly opened them himself, with a little help from me. Auntie Pool Shark is the best gift giver. She is always so super thoughtful and always sends things that I would have totally picked out myself. It was well worth the wait, and the drama, and the hours on the phone to get her loving gifts.




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paul peggy zeus said...

Wow what a load of crap that was, but the gifts were well worth the extra effort.

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