Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Hidden Lock and Key Bar

You know what Ms. Ivey is good for, every single time, finding the most awesome unique things to do whenever she goes somewhere. LALA land is my town and yet she found yet another amazing hidden gem. Last week I had Ms. Ivey all to myself, but this week she is in Korea town for a confrerence. Tonight Mr. Rogue came home earlier for work so I could drive out and hang out. I picked Ms. Ivey up and her roommate at the conference up at the hotel and then we headed to the bar. The Lock and Key bar let us into a room with a hundred or more door knobs. The trick was to find which knob opened the door to the bar. We stood in the room giggling like little kids turning all the knobs… Ms. Ivey was the winner.



When we got there Mrs. & Mr. Dancer were both already there waiting for us. The bar was so cool. Darkly lite with a glow or red and amber behind the liquor at the bar, I loved all the old gold and fixtures. The place also sported a menu of very unique drinks. We ordered some cheese plates for the table and each tried a different drink. Hands down I think that my drink won the best tasting.




But I particularly fell in love with a quote on the wall, something that sang to my heart and my two girls who I have made so many memories with.


We stayed a couple hours, just long enough to have a few drinks and learn more about what was going on at the conference. This mama couldn’t stay out too late. Starting at 9 I started yawning. By 11 it was time to get going, I was about to turn into a pumpkin and Ms. Ivey had an early and very full day tomorrow. What a magical night.




Jennifer Arens said...

what a neat place!

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