Thursday, May 29, 2014

Raisin Bread and a Day of Rest

It has been complete chaos in my house for what feels like weeks. It took so much to plan the party, all those do it myself crafts didn’t help me with relaxing, and then to organize everything for out of town guests, planning meals and entertainment and of course pulling off the actual party all while taking care of my Little Cricket… I am completely wiped out. So this morning my parents went to their appointment and I stayed home. I needed a day of rest. When they got back we just chilled out and it was awesome.



Of course I cannot completely rest. I do have a baby I am taking care of after all and then I decided to make grandmas raisin bread. This recipe takes hours and my parents live in an RV where they just don’t have the room in their oven to cook a whole batch. I figured I would send a loaf or three home with them. Hopefully she can fit them all in her suitcase.



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paul peggy zeus said...

Can I fit them in my suitcase? Ha! I'd throw away 1/2 what inside to take this kind of treasure home. Thank you so much!

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