Saturday, May 24, 2014

My Little Crickets First Birthday Party

We made it to a year, I made it through a year and planning a party… I need a drink. I kept thinking about throwing a party and then not throwing a party and then back again. After all our son is 1, he isn't going to remember a big party. In the end however I decided two things. One is that I wanted to celebrate my son turning one and the fact that Mr. Rogue and I made it through the first year as parents, which is no small feat. And two I kept thinking that if I didn’t throw a party I would regret it. I would regret not spending a special day celebrating with family and friends. So since I don’t want to live my life with regrets and what ifs a birthday party we threw.

I didn’t go super crazy, there wasn’t a bouncy house, or a magician, and I decided not to order the elephant (my dad refused to come if there was an elephant). But I did do a ton of work, mostly do it myself crafts (which I have been blogging about). I always get a little nervous right before a party. Just a little niggly doubt if I remembered everything, will there be enough food, enough drinks, how all the pieces were going to look when they were all put together. And then the moment comes and you are busy and running around. The doubts erase and everything is what it is. We finished with all the decorations in time. Everything was set up and ready. I have to say I was SO HAPPY with how everything looked. Just enough festive awesomeness. Thanks again to everyone who helped make this party happen; my amazing husband, my super amazing in laws, and my ridiculously amazing parents.



We had music playing on Pandora during the party but I also spent a few days getting together the few photos I have of my Little Cricket. Mr. Rogue put them together on the iPad for a slideshow on the big TV.



Outside I hung the same bunting banner and his Happy Birthday sign right over the food table. I also rented a few high chairs which ended up being the best idea EVER. With this many one year olds its impossible to try and sit and eat and feed the little ones. For the tables we put down some burlap and I scattered a few desert bloom boquets from a vendor at the farmers market that I love. Thanks Mrs. Dancer for picking up the flowers!!!







We made the desserts over the past few days; Baklava, Mini Pumpkin Pies, Carolina Sugared Pecans, and an adorable little Carrot Fox Cake. We also made a huge Greek salad and some pinwheel sandwiches my mom makes that are awesome. I also ordered a bunch of greek skewers of meat and fresh pita. Originally we were going to grill but Mr. Rogue didn’t want to be working the whole party, which I totally get. The food was delicious.








Another big hit of the party was the little mini-me food I set up. It was simple, some pouches and some snacks in little cupcake liners but it was well loved.


The house was packed with friends and family. Little kids were squealing in delight, food was gobbled up and seconds and thirds were had, laughter was shared and then we all gathered around to sing happy birthday. The party was amazing, a complete success.











My Little Cricket got so SUPER DUPER messy getting into that cake that it was going to be impossible to just wipe him down. Grandma offered to take him upstairs quickly for a little bath. Boy oh boy did he sure need it.


After all the guests left we sat down and went through the gifts. We opened the wrapping paper and saw all the adorable things but I didn’t open most of them. Over the next month or so I will pull out a new toy and let my Little Cricket go to town, too many at one time is just way to overwhelming. He is getting better at actually opening the presents, however better is only a degree increase over last time. Maybe by Christmas we can master this skill.







A crashing end to a very very very long day. We all went to bed as early as was decently possible.



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paul peggy zeus said...

What a wonderful fun filled birthday party you had. EVERYTHING was absolutely perfect from the decorations to the food (mmm I can still taste the baklava) I had a great time meeting many of the moms in your group and their adorable babies, Mrs Fruits father, and hanging out with others that I know and love so well. Thank you for a magnificent day.

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