Monday, May 26, 2014

Mom & Dad First Visit to The Huntington Gardens

With family in town, and now the birthday party behind us, we decided that it was time to get out and have some fun. We had big plans for a full entourage of people, my parents, Mr. Rogues parents, Mr. Fruit and his with and kids and us, to meet at the Huntington Gardens today. But then Mrs. Faith wasn’t feeling well, and Mr. Fruit wasn’t sure about how the kids would be at the park, so they were going to stay home and take it easy. Since this is the last day that Mr. Rogue could see his parents we decided to split up. Mr. Rogue went to his brothers taking my Little Cricket with him and I went with my parents to the Huntington Gardens.

We packed up our cameras and were on our way. Since our morning was so up in the air figuring out and shuffling plans I didn’t exactly plan our trip well. Since none of us ate before we left I decided to grab a quick bite before we entered the Gardens. There aren’t a ton of food options once you are inside and plus my parents have never had In and Out Burger. I reasoned that everyone on the planet should have In and Out Burger once in their life. And yes they loved it!


Finally with bellies full we arrived at the Huntington. Even though my parents have been out to LALA land quite a few times (even living in Cali for a good 6 months, we never made it to some of the best places in LA. Since my mom loves plants, and both my parents adore nature and walking this place was RIGHT up their alley. Wide open spaces, a full day of exploring outside in the sun and lots of pretty plants.


Of course since both my parents are also in love with photography we had a ton of beautiful things to take photos of. And lots to talk about. Endless hours about lenses, f-stops and apetures. Believe me we all love our little nerdy talks.


The gardens here are separated by type or region. Flowers in every hue, beautiful landscapes, architecture, interesting sculptures and art. This place, it speaks to my soul on so many levels. I would adore to have a home with extensive gardens like these (as long as I could also afford the legion of gardeners it would also take to go along with such large gardens).






My parents are so much fun. My mother especially loves to be silly and she is always cracking me up. She is ‘fake’ jumping in the zen garden (so opposite of zen), pointing out some pretty fish in the koi pond and even stabbing herself with giant cactus.










And because where there are gardens there are bugs we also were able to find lizards and birds flitting through the trees. The highlight of the day was finding a tiny little wren nest. We managed to get the mama bird coming and going, but no luck at seeing any of the babies.












And all throughout the day Mr. Rogue and I stayed connected via texting photos. I haven’t been away from my Little Cricket often, and even though I trust my husband absolutely, and even though I knew he had backup with his mom and my sister-in-law, I still worried. My Little Cricket looked like he had a blast with the family. I was so happy I didn’t end up bringing him to the gardens, it was so HOT he would have been miserable.




Since we didn’t have the baby my parents and I decided to jump at the chance to go and have a grown up dinner. I was SO EXCITED. We went home first to shower and get cleaned up and then I made last minute reservations at Ruth Chris. We had an absolutely decadent meal. I ordered a beautiful glass of wine to go with my steak that made me super happy. And even though we didn’t have room we split the cheesecake. We rolled home happy and tired and went immediately to bed, tomorrow would be another adventure.



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paul peggy zeus said...

The gardens were amazing! I couldn't believe how HUGE it was! I think my favorite section was the desert, it was like I was in the land of the giants, the cacti were ginormous! The Japanese and Chinese sections were spectacular as well, thank you for an amazing day, and Ruth Chris to top it off! decadent. Love that photo of Mr Rogue and his son.

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