Sunday, July 20, 2014

Kuestionable Kar Karma

We woke up pretty early, which was technically still sleeping in for me. It was so LOVELY to have gotten to sleep without a baby monitor next to my head and one ear on high alert listening for a babies cry. We leisurely packed up, it was time to make our way home and I couldn’t wait to see my little baby boy. I found a good breakfast place with great reviews not far away from our hotel. Although it ended up being more a takeout kind of place with seating instead of a traditional restaurant which wasn’t what I was expecting at all, the food was at least good. It was a slow lazy breakfast, we had plenty of time after all.


And then just as we were walking out the door Mrs. Dancer handed me the keys to her car and ran off to use the restroom. We got in the car and I started it to get the windows down. After rolling down the windows I remembered how much Mrs. Dancer hates wasting gas, so I reached over and turned the car off. She came back to the car not five minutes later, she turned the key, and the engine didn’t start.

OH NO… just our luck. I assumed it was the starter. An old car of mine had one die on it, and it sounded exactly how Mrs. Dancers car sounded. I am by NO MEANS a car expert though, it was just a hunch. We are hours away from home with a car that isnt working. We immediately divided and concurred. I called a few shops in the area trying to find a mechanic working on a Sunday morning that would be willing to come by. Mrs. Dancer called her husband to discuss options of what to do with the car and how we were getting home. And Ms. Ivey looked up the make and model of the car and instructions on how we might get it started if the starter was bad.



Within 20 minutes Ms. Ivey had concluded that you could hit the starter with a mallet to try and jump start the car one more time, but this particular car the starter was buried on. We were out of luck there. I had found a mechanic who could potentially fix the problem and I had also called AAA to come and tow the car to the mechanic. And Mrs. Dancer had Mr. Dancer on his way to come and get us since we were now stranded.


We had a plan. Since we knew the AAA guy could only fit two of us in his cab, and since we knew it was going to take Mr. Dancer at least 3 hours to come and get us we decided to divide. Ms. Ivey walked the half mile to Ross, Ms. Dancer and I would go with the tow truck to the mechanic and make sure that was going smoothly and we would meet her hopefully shortly. She started walking, Ms. Dancer and I waited. Thankfully the AAA guy arrived fast. He pulled up, listened to our description, checked out the car and then since we hadn’t over tried to turn the car on (which can flood the engine) he tried to start it. Over and over he turned the key as we held our breath and prayed. VIOLA he got it working. I swear both Mrs. Dancer and I were SO FRIGGIN HAPPY. She even gave the guy a big hug.

He warned us to not turn off the car for any reason, even for gas, because he was pretty sure we wouldn’t get lucky a second time and get the car turned on. Ms. Dancer called and told her husband to turn around, that we were on our way. And we made it home in time for my to tuck my little guy into bed. Hallelujah.


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