Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Being a Big Girl is Complicated

Sometimes I wish for a much simpler life. A little log cabin, a little vegetable garden, a tiny little town on the edge of a great wide wilderness. As I get older the planning and organization that needs to be maintained on a daily basis is mind numbing. I have the business to run, projects to manage, a house to keep clean, never ending laundry, errands and dry clenaning and that teeth cleaning that is now a month late. All while attempting to stay ahead of the curve on raising my little boy, learning more about balancing our finances and investments, not to mention that book I have been wanting to read forever, oh and trying to fit working out and keeping connected with my husband… its exhausting. Exciting, exhilarating, draining type of exhaustion.

Anyone want to run away to an island for a month or three. I dream about beaches, and a hotel room all to myself, and sleeping in and room service.

Anyways tonight I had dinner with one of my new mom friends. We left the babies at home so it was just us girls. We met at Oscar’s Cerveteca in Venice, a cute fun little place where we nabbed a great table on the patio. Our waiter was awesome, and whenever I get an awesome waiter I usually like them to suggest their favorite. Today it was Fish Tacos, not my normal style but I thought I would try something new. They were FAN-TASTIC. I don’t know what they did to their coleslaw either but it was divine.


All through our two hour meal, this mom knows my style, we gabbed about the babies, and our high paced LALA land lives. And then she picked my brain about a new business idea she has. Something fabulous for new moms. We talked about marketing, advertising, programmers and websites, along with angel funding and starting small.

It was an amazing big girl dinner. 10 years ago I would have been sitting across from a friend talking about boys and trying to scrap together enough money for rent. Sure things are harder in some ways now… but oh so much easier in others.

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paul peggy zeus said...

The first time I tried a fish taco, I thought it didn't sound very good, but I am also a fan of trying new and different things. . . and I absolutely LOVED IT!

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