Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Babies En Mass

The babies in our group are now roaming dangerfinding demons and it just isnt fun anymore to do our normal picnic at the park. We inevitably end up laying out blankets, getting out food and then babies start running all over the place, normally toward a cliff, or kids on bikes, or into traffic. Moms are left running after babies, again and again and again. Conversations are no longer attempted because really no one is listening, we are all just worrying and dashing about.

So play dates in confined spaces or at play places are better for us moms both so the babies stay safe and so we can take a break and talk. I invited the group over to my house and we had a large get together. We all just sat down and chatted while babies took out every single toy we have. We all had a great time, and this is something that I love. Because my room is baby proofed I don’t have to worry. It was relaxing and lovely.



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paul peggy zeus said...

These mommy play dates are good for both you and your babies soul. It gives him a chance to play with others his own age, and for you to gain knowledge and exchange ideas from others with children your own kids age. Win-Win AWESOMENESS!

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