Friday, July 25, 2014

A Little Tasty Treat with my Favorite Girls

Ms. Ivey had a long last day at her conference and in the morning she is taking off back home. We were just hanging out when someone… not sure who instigated it… mentioned ice cream. Despite the fact that I was already dressed in my comfy clothes we jumped in the car and drove to Mrs. Dancers favorite local place. I had been wanting to visit Cool Haus for a while. Its a gourmet ice cream house, and it is ranked #7 on the top 30 ice cream shops in the world. And this place is right around the corner form my house. I love LALA land.

This place is a little hard to find, nestled in between other stores and shops on a semi quiet street. We parked and walked up to a long line. They had a bunch of unique handmade delicious ice creams to choose from. Flavors like ‘fried chicken and maple waffles’, ‘honeycomb’ ‘brown butter candied bacon’ and ‘Thia Iced Tea’.



Im not exactly an ice cream connoisseur but I do love desserts and this ice cream was incredible. A little tasty treat before we said goodbye. YUMMM.


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