Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Father’s Day in the Sunshine

My husband is a great man, a super father and a very hard working man. I hear people complain about their lives, about their friends, about their partners and their mother in law and all the people in between. It just makes me feel more blessed to have everything I ever wanted. Today Mr. Rogue wanted to go on a hike for his special day. So we packed up the car and got together our cameras and I made a little breakfast surprise for Mr. Rogue. He loves breakfast burrtitos so I attempted to make one, and my attempt came out incredible… he has now officially fallen in love with me all over again.


After breakfast, and struggling through LALA land traffic, and getting a little lost, we finally made it to our destination. Kenneth Hahn park was pretty empty for a holiday, and we couldn’t have been happier. Mr. Rogue strapped on the baby, and I wiggled into the backpack and we were on our way up the winding paths to the top of the mountain. The trek up is hard going, it’s a pretty steep path and by the time you reach the top you start feeling like you deserve some kind of medal, or at least a big piece of chocolate cake, I will take the cake please. Instead you get these glorious sweeping views of the LALA land basin, including downtown Los Angeles, and on very clear days even the Hollywood sign.





Apparently since the last time we have been to the park there has been a push to get people to learn about the value of exercise. Throughout the paths there are now various signs stating the awesomeness of exercise and some super fun facts. I am always game for learning random things no one else knows. For instance did you know that the hummingbird eats 1.5 to 2 times it body weight in one day. That equals for the average person about 300 hamburgers a day… or in my case 200 pieces of chocolate cake. Ahhh to be a hummingbird… YUMMMMM.



Other than the sweeping views Mr. Rogue and I also love to take photos of all the pretty things we find on a hike. The flowers, the trees, birds and bees and even a cool looking lizard or two. With the baby it makes it a little bit harder to do what we used to, but we are making it work.





But our absolute favorite thing about this park is the large tree speckled meadow at the top of the hill. It’s the perfect place to take a blanket and just lay out of a long while in the shade. Often there are very few people up here, it is truly an oasis in a city that is usually so FULL of people. Mr. Rogue and I love the quiet, it’s a great place to take a break before heading back down the hill. At least going down is easier than coming up.





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paul peggy zeus said...

What a great way to spend fathers day with that special man of yours.

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