Thursday, May 22, 2014

Work Before Play

The days leading up to the ‘big party day’ were busy. My parents were staying with me and my in laws came to stay too. The more the merrier, especially with everything that still needed to get done. There was cleaning, and dishes, and cooking, and getting the decorations ready, and more dishes. Despite me doing as much as possible before hand I was super greatful that everyone chipped in to get everything ready. And of course someone always was with the baby.



I ended up ordering food to be catered but I also couldn’t help but make a few things as well (mostly desserts). We made candied pecans, little mini pumpkin pies, pinwheel sandwiches, two huge greek salads, roasted red pepper hummus, baklava and carrot cake. It wasn’t a ton of food but we pretty much spent a whole day in the kitchen, and created way too many dirty dishes.



I didn’t have time to hang the bunting banner before hand, so we all worked to get that up. Although I spaced it out with just twine to measure how much I needed I ended up a little short. Thankfully I had a bunch of extra supplies and mom and I quickly put together enough to finish the job. I just love how the family room looked with it hung up. Now we just needed the balloons.



The balloons ended up being a mess. I had ordered these giant beautiful balloons online. And I had also purchased a large helium tank. Except when I went to fill the balloons the tank ended up not strong enough to fill them. Thankfully party city is right around the corner. So mom and I popped over (pun intended) and waited to get them to fill the balloons. When they finished we had a problem. I couldn’t squeeze a single balloon in the car. They were just too big. Thankfully party city is so close. My mom ended up walking the balloons home, most of the way in the middle of the street because of the large trees in my area. The balloons were bigger than she was. But those balloons, they were a pain in the butt, but they were GORGEOUS!



Working hard deserves several breaks. Thank you all so much for helping!!!!


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paul peggy zeus said...

Those giant balloons were hilarious! I felt like I was going to fly away walking down the street with them. Everyone I passed asked things like, wheres the party, or is there a parade coming? Of course, I replied, well, they were right behind me, huh. . .

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