Friday, May 16, 2014

The Week in Moments: 52 Weeks Old

Tomorrow you turn one year and today is the last day that I am breastfeeding. Slowly over the past month I have been cutting back on your feedings. Just like with most things that we have gone through I was more anxious and worried and upset than you were. You didn’t know it was your last feeding but I did, and as I got excited about the prospect of getting my body back to myself I also had such a hard time severing this bond. For the past 19 months my body has sustained yours. It has been a great emotional connection but also a physical one as well. Part of me was elated to stop and the other part of me was so sad. I actually teared up a little when I was packing away the breast pump. At each milestone we pass together I cheer you on as I lament the need for time to ever move forward. For now you are taking soy formula which I introduced about three weeks ago when I started weaning you. I worry about giving you cows milk because of your potential allergy but I am going to talk to the pediatrician at our appointment in a few days.



You are a curious little boy. Super interested in whatever is going on you get up as tall as you can and you crane your head to see whats going on. You are constantly underfoot and it has been a challenge to continue to cook, clean and keep you safe. I am however a parent that wants to keep you where I am. I don’t have a pack and play set up or one of those baby cages to keep you penned in a small space. Instead I have changed my home to fit you. Most of the time I can get you distracted (pot lids are a favorite) with something when I need a minute to cook or I just check, double check and triple check when I am moving across the kitchen floor with a hot pan of water or a sharp knife.




Tis week you started doing two new things. You sit on your butt and you twirl around in a circle. You do it randomly so I haven’t been able to get it on tape but every time you do it its like a surprise, you are so excited and happy. You also scared me to death. I turned around for a split second to answer a question and when I turned back you were CLIMBING THE STAIRS. We were at a play gym and there was an area that I didn’t notice that had stairs. Heck I probably wouldn’t have thougth anything of it because you have never been on steps but you climbed up those four stairs without a single worry.


I got turned on to a little handmade moccasin by Freshly Picked and I am in love. I ordered them a little large, so they don’t quite fit yet but I am so excited for you to wear them. One of the other moms in one of our groups had them for Little Mr. W and I couldn’t resist their adorableness. I love buying clothes for you. I am a little obsessed.


Your nursery is adorable and I love that its so comfy and safe. You often play in there, sometimes with me, sometimes reading books or even sometimes alone for a while so I can grab a shower or make a phone call. But this week we had a heat wave and we learned that your room gets the worse breeze. Since you slept in our room for the first several months of your life I wasn’t really worried about the temperature of your room. Essentially I only went in there to change your diaper, get you new clothes or to nurse so it wasn’t a big deal. Now that you are in there sleeping, and now that we have the heat wave your room is almost the same temperature as outside. With only one tiny window I just cannot get enough air ventilation so we ended up turning on the air all week long. At least you were comfy.


I was worried when Mr. Rogue became a dad that he would work too much and see our children too little for them to really connect. No worries there anymore. Mr. Rogue makes plenty of time to play with you. He sees you daily for usualy a few hours in the morning and then another hour or so at night. You light up as soon as he walks in the door. This week Mr. Rogue started chasing you around the greatroom and you were giggling up a storm. I only caught the tail end of it on video but we were all too wrapped up in the moment in the beginning. You love being chased.



paul peggy zeus said...

nursing your baby is such a blessing and I remember how hard it was to let it go, but little ones do grow and it is a necessary step in their progression. I absolutely loved the video with daddy chasing him around and his infectious laughter is so adorable. He is such a great dad, and you have a perfect baby boy.

Jennifer Arens said...

Congratulations on raising and nursing a healthy, adorable baby for a year! That is really quite the accomplishment! Brava! I love the attachment to our lils :)

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