Friday, May 9, 2014

The Week in Moments: 51 Weeks Old

You laugh all the time all day long and it brings so much joy to my life. SO MUCH JOY. Seriously I look at you sometimes and I am so full of love and wonder that you are here. Being a mom is the best thing that ever happened in my life. Of course it is also exhausting, I just keep hoping that I will catch up on sleep, catch up on my todo lists, catch up on the mountain of paperwork that needs to be done. But instead of working on things that I precieve need to be done in my grown up world I end up on the floor playing with you. Because you will only be this little for such a short time. You will only need my undivided attention for so long. And then in a blink you will be heading out the door to college. So taking the advice of those older and wiser than I, I am leaving all the dishes and lists to take a backseat to spending time with my wonderful little boy!



This week you started cruising better and faster. It is so incredible to watch a little baby grow from a tiny little helpless infant into a now almost walking little boy. Your legs are getting so strong and now when I open the baby gate (it swings like a normal gate) you hold on and slowly walk your feet with the gate. I am so excited for you to really walk.

You are also loving it now when big trucks roll by when we are outside, when planes fly overhead or when the gardeners come to the house. I really love when the gardeners come to the house too. You sit at the window and you watch them for a good half hour until they are done with the yard. They stop and wave at you through the glass and sometimes you will wave back.


Your exploring and playing is different. Before it would be hard to try and figure out what you are doing, probably because it was just random banging and throwing. Now you seem more focused. You will stay with a single toy for a while, trying to get it to stack just right or figuring out which buttons make the little men pop up or even pushing your cars across the floor. You also are getting more frustrated when things wont do what you want them too. I just watched you the other day try to stack blocks up in a tower. It kept falling and you were getting so upset that they just wouldn’t stay.







We go to the park all the time. At least twice a week you are on a blanket in the park. Its funny though you hate grass and you aren’t a giant fan of the sand either. If I put you down you will generally try to lift your arms and your legs so no part of you except your little bum is touching the ground. Then you will sit there and stare at me until I put you back on the blanket. I am hoping that this is just a phase and you will soon love the grass and the dirt. Sometimes we are at the park alone, but more often than not we are meeting other moms from our mom groups to play. You are starting to interact more with the other kids and its so adorable. This week you were hanging with Little W. You were both circling his stroller and jabbering away at each other. I caught the tail end on tape.







paul peggy zeus said...

OMG he is so damn adorable, how do you stand it? LOVE that smile of his, can't wait for those little pearly whites to start coming in. LOVE this kid!

Jennifer Arens said...

Thankfully there is more time between beginning to walk and running out the door to college. Your sleep schedule will return and you will love it! Parks are so refreshing aren't they?

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