Friday, April 25, 2014

The Week in Moments: 49 Weeks Old

My Little Cricket, it was Easter this week and I had so much fun making your little basket, decorating the house, and having you wear your little ears. You are the light of my life. This week you finally got strong enough to steal our cabinet keys, they are currently locked with a magnet system and we need those keys to open the cabinets. So they keys are now going higher up. The bigger you grow the more we have to baby proof.



Speaking of baby proofing you are becoming a little caveman. First you tore down the camera hanging in your room. You simply took the cord and gave it a solid few yanks. Thank goodness the camera missed your little head. I ended up having to move the changing table over so you can no longer get to the cord. You also tipped over the table between daddy and my seats. Thankfully I was sitting right there and caught it. I have since moved it to another room… no more table for daddy and I to set our drinks, instead we are now using a large basket, which is much more baby friendly.



You also can now reach the top of the trash can, and you actually pulled it over. This time you weren’t so lucky and the trashcan fell on you. Thankfully it wasn’t full (which is why it fell) so you didn’t get hurt. So now we have to find a solution for the trash. You also got into the toilet paper for the first time. You managed to unroll a good portion before I caught you. And then when I went to go out to get the mail you tried to follow me out the door. You are now crawling so fast.




You make me laugh all the time. You love to play with the dog and cat and everything is a toy. The world is your playground and I look at everything now with different eyes. Of course most of the things you want to destroy, or put in your mouth but its all part of the adventure, all part of growing up.











We got rid of your little bath protector. You have simply outgrown it, although now you like to use it sometimes as a comfortable seat. I also went ahead and got you a few more bathtoys. Bathtime is officially super awesome to you now and you love to play in the water!!



You and daddy are BFF’s. You love to play with his hats and when daddy is working on something you always want to help. You are obsessed with anything electronic. So far we haven’t allowed you any TV or to even touch the iPhone or iPad. Soon enough you will be playing Xbox all day and trying to ignore me. SIGH, boys and their electronics.




You are still the messiest eater of all time. It drives me crazy and I try to keep you clean but you just want to be MESSY. Just when I though the mess couldn’t get worse, now you are starting to rub your dirty hands through your very sparce hair. Now not only do I have to scrub your hands, your arms and your face I have to wash your entire head now after every meal. Boys are dirty!



You loved one of the toys so much on the boat that I decided to see if I could find something similar. I finally did, a small little ball ramp where the balls drop down and twirl around. I put it together and you played with it all day long. Such a cute little toy!

You are such a little sun shining in our lives. I have never been happier than I have becoming your mom!





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paul peggy zeus said...

Babies are so inquisitive. Love the photos of him looking on top of everything just to see what he can get into next. Rogue is such a great dog, so patient and gentle with him crawling all over him.

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