Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My New Orchid Place

I am in love with Orchids. Not only do they do amazing in the California weather, not only are they difficult if not impossible to kill (at least for a few months) but they are also gorgeous and they last MONTHS. So inspired partially by all the amzing flowers we saw this past weekend at the Huntington gardens, inspired partially by the big party happening in less than a week
and inspired partially because I have been hearing rave reviews about this orchid place; I finally took myself to Pac 8 Orchids on Overland. Essentially this place is a giant warehouse for a billion types of orchids. I walked in and went to little orchid heaven!


The best part is that these beauties were almost half what I normally pay for my orchids and they looked the same quality if not better. I got a little overwhelmed and almost walked out with 20 plants but my saner self curbed the inner beast. I checked out with three large moth white orchids and one little hot pink beauty.


The woman behind the counter went goo gooooo when she saw my little cricket. We got to talking about babies, and then orchids, and then how when her babies grew up her orchids became her babies. And how I as stealing some of her babies… and then it got uncomfortable. In the end I couldn’t push the stroller and take my delicate flowers with me so the nice little woman helped me put her stolen babies gently in my car. She was a nice weird lady.



When I got home I took apart the orchid arrangement that Mr. Rogue got me for Valentines day. The last orchid flower dropped about three weeks ago, that bad boy lasted two and a half months. I loved the arrangement of the three moth white moth orchids in the footed antique planter so I simply replicated it. I was pretty happy with how it turned out, this just may have to be a quarterly project that I need to complete.




dcjs said...

Do you remember the orchids at my house? A few of them are over 3yrs old! Paul is the green thumb....if you have any questions, he's a great resource!

paul peggy zeus said...

These orchids are so beautiful and I loved the ones in front of that painting. I've never seen one with so many blooms on it before.

Jennifer Arens said...

After the description of the weird orchid lady, cricket's face was hilarious hahhaha. I imagined he was thinking, "ok....."

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