Monday, May 5, 2014

My Little Crickets Birthday Crafts: The Bunting Banner

Bunting is a used for festive flag like decorations made of fabric, or plastic or paper. I love bunting banner, not the plastic shiny primary color old fashioned kind, but the beautiful lightly colored soft kind that are so popular right now. It looks so fun and festive and although I have virtually no time I decided that I wanted it at my sons party anyways.


At first I was going to get some colored felt and sew the banners, but then I got worried about the cutting and the sewing and the whole thing started feeling like it was going to take too much time. So I started researching down and dirty bunting banners. There were a ton of people online who came up with so many creative shortcuts. In the end I picked the easiest one for me. I was going to make my banner with some pretty patterned cardstock paper and twine.


The hardest party of this was actually selecting the various cardstocks I wanted to use for the banner. I spent forever at Micheal's playing around with the cardstock and I got a good range of colors and subtle patterns that I thought worked well together. I have a large paper cutter so I was able to cut large batches at a time instead of cutting each one by hand with scissors. In a very short time I had a large stack of triangles piled up.





After all the triangles were cut I started the tedious part of the project. Each triangle needed two holes punched in them and then tied with twine. It wasn't difficult at all, the only thing is that it took a ton of time. I wanted enough bunting to string through the backyard and also through the great room of the house. Since I wasn't planning to have a ton of other decorations other than a few sets of flowers and some balloons I wanted to make sure that I made enough of the bunting banner to make it look festive. At least I could do this last step while watching TV late at night.



paul peggy zeus said...

The banner turned out to be a perfect decoration show stopper. I'm glad you left it hanging in the house for the week we were there. You could always go into party planning if you run out of things to do. lol (like that would ever happen)

Jennifer Arens said...

My thoughts exactly! You would be an AMAZING party planner! I'm pretty sure there is a show on Bravo depicting this very thing. If not, that can be your next venture! LOL. Oh everything looks fantastic!

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