Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mommy Playdate: Tongva Park Fail

I had planned a little over a week ago to meet several moms at the new and supposedly super awesome new park in Santa Monica. We all wanted to check it out and in particular I wanted to see the water features. I figured with children that are getting more and more mobile, water parks will be somewhere in my near future. But then this morning when I read that temperatures were supposed to get into the mid 90s I started texting the other moms about alternate plans. In the end we all decided to come to my house, where there is air conditioning, and where we could all still get together and chat while the babies played. I didn’t really have time to put anything together but everyone brought a little something and we had an amazing three hours just chilling out. Seven mommies, seven little ones, full house with lots of laughter. Love this mom group!




paul peggy zeus said...

I was so glad to meet many of the moms and babies at the birthday party. I'm so happy they could come so I could get to know some of them. Great group!

Jennifer Arens said...

This makes me exhausted by looking at it, but I do know how fun and important it is to have PEOPLE around :)

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