Monday, April 21, 2014

Los Angeles Crest Hike: Silver Moccosin Trail

We decided the night before to go on a little adventure. We packed up the car with supplies and bright and early this morning we drove away from the city. Both Mr. Rogue and I were raised in a more country setting, or at least not big city. We both enjoy camping and hiking and sometimes, living in a gigantic city like LALA land, you just need to get away from all the cement and see some trees. Living in Los Angeles we are so super lucky; within an hour or two drive we have several mountain ranges sometimes with snow, the beautiful desert, the beach, the ragged rough coast and the riparian habitats.


Of course we have usually gone hiking without the baby. There were a few things that had to be modified, which took longer to get up there, and then we had to pick up an annual pass. The point is that we finally made it. We strapped my Little Cricket into the baby bijorn on daddy and then I put on my backpack full of our gear and baby gear. Of course we packed our photography gear as well. For this trip I decided to leave my large 500mm at home, I have my injured arm I have to watch out for and well that lens is HEAVY, I was worried about being able to carry it over a long distance after not being able to really use it for a while. That lens takes some muscles.



Being out in the sunshine with the beautiful pure air and the goregeous views was so uplifting. I always enter a zen like happiness when I am closer to nature. I love discovering new things (say hellow to my super giant pine cone), I love seeing beauty in everything around me and I just love being outside! My Little Cricket had a blast too seeing something so different. He loves the baby bijorn. But I think that Mr. Rogue was happiest of us all. He works so hard to provide for us, often leaving for work early in the morning and not returning until late. He is such a wonderful man and that man soaked up the sunshine with glee.








I didn’t exactly go out specifically to find birds but I did bring my 100-400 thinking that we would see a few. I did manage to find a few of the more common mountain birds on our hike. The Stellar Jay is noisy and EVERWHERE. It is so common up in the mountains particularly around camping areas and picnic areas. Even though they are everywhere they aka common, they are still gorgeous. I just love their bright blue backs and little blue eyebrows. And who wouldn’t love that Mohawk!







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paul peggy zeus said...

Looks like you found a huge Coulter pine cone. Nice to see Mr Rogue outside soaking up some rays. He needs it!

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