Sunday, April 27, 2014

Little Ms. C Turns 1

One of my mom groups decided to meet at the beach, and then we decided to celebrate Little Ms. C’s first birthday at the same time. I have been with these women since my Little Cricket was only about 6 weeks old. Little Ms. C’s mom I became very close too. Our children after all are only a week apart in age and we often are going through similar milestones at the exact same time. We often text each other, sometimes in the middle of the night. Often our conversations take days because we are both so busy, but I love having a buddy, heck this entire group has been awesome through this first year.

Of course it was an absolutely perfectly beautiful sunny southern California day. There ended up being a kite competition and a live band playing not far away. LALA land is awesome!





We ate, we laughed and we sang happy birthday. I got some adorable photos of Little Ms. C, all decked out in pink and getting into her cake like crazy! And my Little Cricket got a tiny taste of his very first real sugar. Happy birthday beautiful Little Ms. C, we love you!





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paul peggy zeus said...

The birthday girl is so pretty in pink. My grandson looks like he's having his first crush.

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