Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Farmers Market: Obsessed With Fresh

Living in Southern California I am spoiled. I am spoiled by the amazing weather. I am spoiled by the beautiful mountains, and ocean, and desert all within close driving distance. And I am spoiled by our incredible farmers markets, which are DA BOMB. The Santa Monica market is my favorite and they are open twice a week. Saturdays are too crazy and busy for me so I have been making it a habit, along with Mrs. Dancer, to hit up the Wednesday market. We have been doing this every week and it is AWESOME.

We have been going for a while, but often I will see things that I haven’t seen before or find something I can try that is new. This week I was tempted by some quail and duck eggs, I have never had either before. With the steep price tag and my dwindling cash I will have to leave trying it out for another week, but they were interesting. Mrs. Dancer always gets distracted by the bright pretty flowers and I have to admit the profusion of huge daisies this week were eye catching. I also managed to find the squash that we cooked last week with my aunt and uncle. It was delicious but no one could remember the exact name of the squash. Orange Kabocha Squash will be something that we will have to grill again soon! It was so super tasty.



Normally Mrs. Dancer and I just go to the market early and head home but today we stopped by the promenade for a while. Mrs. Dancer had a few returns and I wanted to pop into Lulu Lemon for a gift for Mrs. Pool Shark and since we had some time to kill until Mrs. Dancer finished My Little Cricket and I headed into the bookstore. Me and my baby, we love us a ton of books.



Once we got home I put My Little Cricket to bed and then Mrs. Dancer and I put together a yummy lunch. Yummy food eaten outside on our patio set in the gorgeous weather with the best friend while the baby sleeps quietly is the best thing EVER.


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paul peggy zeus said...

Whala! I just requested more photos of you with your wee one, and here one is! I just had to keep reading. Those quail eggs look so good.

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