Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Exercise Enforcer

I am having a really hard time exercising. I have a gym in my house, my son takes two solid naps now a day, I am getting a full nights sleep since my son now consistently sleeps through the night… and yet I am still having a hard time forcing myself to work out. I know I will feel better if I work out, I know I get that exercise high, I know I will be more conscious of what I eat if I exercise that day and I know that exercising will lead me to lose weight. And yet when faced with the choice of working out or taking a nap, or reading, or doing housework, or cooking, or working on my business or just staring at the wall something always seems more important.

Mrs. Dancer swoops over to the rescue and we are going to try and workout together. I still don’t want to workout but since she is coming over three times a week during nap time I am kinda getting pressured into it and its AWESOME. We are doing about a 30 minute cardio session, while watching ‘Sex and the City’ for the 500th time and then afterwards we are doing a yogaesque workout.


Often Mrs. Dancer is over before I put my Little Cricket down for his nap. That way we have time to hang out and set everything up before he goes down. Once I put him to sleep we work out hard and it feels amazing. Even Seurat wants to join us, or hinder us. Im not really sure which.





paul peggy zeus said...

Ms Dancer to the rescue. Baby blue burrito UMM good.

Jennifer Arens said...

Where did the other half of Mrs Dancer go? Exercise is working for her AND you get to chill with a friend while chatting about ugly Sarah Jessica Parker haha. My diet regimen isn't recommended but yes that feeling of accomplishment after working out is awesome, always! Do what you want :)

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