Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Both Sets of Parents Arrive

I am ecstatic, both sets of our parents are going to be flying in for my Little Crickets first birthday. Its tougher than ever begin away from family with a now young child. But I am so incredibly blessed that both my parents and my husbands put family first and made it a point to be here for his special day.

I dropped the ball and didn’t really do well with the whole, coordinating people coming from out of town thing. I blame the baby, because of my lack of sleep and my lack of free time I really am not the organized planned person that I was pre-baby. Bad baby.

With the party on Saturday I would have normally tried to stagger the parents so one came in the week before the party and one stayed the week after. That way we wouldn’t have too many guests at one time and I could focus and spend time with everyone. And because I didn’t plan both sets of parents are flying in the same day. We are going to make it work, after all the more the merrier right.

Anyways I picked up Mr. Rogue’s parents at the airport this morning. We all went to the fruits house to have lunch and hang out. Mrs. Faith is the best mother in law ever. I know people gripe and complain about mother in laws and I am so thankful that with her I have gained another wonderful, thoughtful mother. She is always over the top helpful, and my Little Cricket adores all the attention that she lavishes on him.



And then I left later in the afternoon to pick up my parents from the airport. Wit the time change my parents went to bed shortly after they arrived, it was for the best we needed to be well rested for the rounds of doctors. Since my cousin works at a dentist, and since my parents travel and don’t have a regular dentist anymore, we decided that while my parents are here they are going to get some work done. So in the morning we headed to the dentist. We hung out in the waiting room for a while but then I took off with the baby to run some errands. Errands that consisted of me running to the bank and getting totally frustrated with the level of service, or un-service I got. When I finished my Little Cricket decided now was a good time to take a nap. So I I chilled out in the car for the next three hours while my Little Cricket got some sleep. Thank goodness I brought my book.




My dad was finished, my mom still needed a little longer, neither they said were hungry (after all their mouths were super numb. But I was starving after sitting in the car for hours on end with nothing to eat so my dad and I ran to Subway, only to almost get there and my mom to call saying she was finished. It was a mess of complete mismanagement and not efficient at all. I got my subway and then didn’t eat very much at all, and I wrote the whole day off as sucking.

We were finally finished with our appointments though so we headed to Toys R Us to pick out a gift from my parents for my Little Crickets birthday. We wandered around forever, we picked something only to get excited about the next thing, and then we saw something else and we totally changed our minds again. Finally in the end my dad found the gift that they both fell in love with. It’s a car carrier, and they got several other little cars to go in it. To say that my Little Cricket loves this toy is a vast understatement. HE LOVES this toy!



And you know what we weren’t done with the doctors appointments. The next day we headed to a hand surgeon. The same hand surgeon that did so fabulously with my husbands severed tendon. My husband by the way has almost full range of his thumb, I say its perfect, he says its 98% perfect. Damn good odds. And it was because of those fabulous odds that I took my father there. My dad fell of a ladder, right onto his hand. He went to the ER. They told him it was a bad sprain and then weeks later with no one listening to him that it was still hurting he finally found a doctor that knew what was wrong. He got surgery but it still hurts, and the doctor wants to go in again to remove bones. Now removing bones is a little scary which is why we went for the second opinion. Xrays, and a very serious conversation later, my husbands doctor gave the same advice. Its never a bad idea to get a second opinion. It was a great way to get peace of mind and now my dad can go ahead with his surgery not wondering.


And now that we got all the non-fun stuff out of the way let the games begin!


Jennifer Arens said...

Papa got a new grill(in his mouth)! Woohoo no more walmart smile! Hope the future surgery goes well. I think I saw a glimmer of the torch that was lit for the games o' birthday!!!

paul peggy zeus said...

Hated all the doctor/dentist appointments while we visited, but loved dad's new smile, AND the advise of your hand Dr. which gave us the confidence to go ahead with his needed surgery. Really? Remove bones? Can we all say a great big EW?

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