Friday, February 21, 2014

The Week in Moments: Nine Months Old - 40 Weeks

A few days ago you turned nine months and I just cannot wrap my head around life before you were here. My days maybe the longest that they have ever been, I may have gotten little to no sleep since you came, I might have given up so much for your happiness and comfort but you are by far the greatest thing to ever happen to me.



You are so accident prone, and I know this is only the beginning of your scrapes and bruises. It just breaks my heart to see that you are getting bruises on your little head. You are toppling all over the place particularly when you are trying to stand. You have this wooden cube that you are obsessed with right now. Now that you can stand up and see the top it is the best thing ever and you play with it so much every single day.




Your crawl is getting faster and more coordinated every single day. Although you still army crawl occasionally you are mostly crawling on all fours. I love this age that you are at right now. Everything is now a toy to you; a box, mamas storage container for her wreaths, my water bottle.



You still don’t have any teeth. I keep hearing moms in other groups complining about the horror of teething but that is one thing that we haven’t had to deal with at all yet. Mr. Rogue’s mom said that both her boys didn’t get their teeth until after they turned one. For now I don’t have a choice but to wait. We will just have to see.






You are still a great eater and it makes me so happy to see you enjoying food. Thankfully I don’t have to worry about you fussing over everything you feed them which is such a relief. I keep waiting for you to get picky but for now you eat everything I give you. A few days ago you figured out what a banana is and now when I lay out your food you will eat nothing else if a banana is sitting there. You just grunt and stare at it until we feed you the bannna first only then will you eat anything else. At least you know what you want.




This week you started something new. You started to shyly duck your head when strangers come up to you. It is the strangest thing, to see you do something that you have never done before. Sure you still grin at the new people but SERIUOSLY when did you get shy!!!!


I have you wearing a different kind of hat in the house to get you used to it. You keep trying to take off your hats and I just want to cry. WHY OH WHY wont you just leave them on. Anyways you are trying to take them off and I am trying to get you to leave it on. It’s a normal ball cap I got for our trip to the Carribean in a month. At least with this we can try to keep that sun out of your eyes.


I went and bought a backup binkie. I used to have a backup but since we lost it last week somewhere I am terrified that we will lose the only one we have. I have heard mommy horror stories about not having a backup lovely. Traveling without a spare would be super not smart. I am going to have to age this slowly. Man-oh-man did that age quickly in just a few short months.


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paul peggy zeus said...

Where oh where are those teeth of yours gone? They'll come, I'm sure. He is a good eater, but oh so messy!

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