Friday, February 14, 2014

The Week in Moments: 39 Weeks Old

I cannot believe how fast time is going by. I know people say this all the time but its so true. You just started crawling last week, like nine days ago, and now, since you are already on your knees, you are grabbing onto stuff. As in pulling yourself up, as in this is all going TOO FAST. This pulling yourself up has allowed you to get into all kinds of situations that you couldn’t just crawling. All of a sudden I am having to baby proof a little higher. It is also causing some slips and tumbles, your poor little head is getting so banged up. GAWHHHH where did my little baby go!




So now you are crawling up to me and instead of just sitting contented at my feet your are even pulling yourself up on my pant legs while I am cooking or doing the dishes. It is the cutest gosh darn thing I have ever seen, you trying to get up into my arms, looking up at me with those big beautiful eyes of yours. I am such a sucker!



And then just when I thought you crawling and pulling yourself onto your knees was too much to process in class yesterday you stood up. As in onto your little feet. It is so INCREDIBLE watching a little tiny baby grow into a person. And I was so excited for your little accomplishment… that is I was excited until later that afternoon when I caught you in the baby monitor standing up in your crib. GASP. Since your crib isn't lowered I dashed into your room to find you contently standing, the bar only at waist level a very flipable height, clearly not safe.



That evening, when Mr. Rogue came home from work, we both sat on the floor while daddy lowered your crib. I couldn’t help but have a few little tears in my eyes. I put you to bed that night and you immediately popped back up. Standing was way more important than sleeping after all. Now the top rail is barely to your chin. You are safe, and yes you finally sat back down and went to sleep that night. Now every morning when I walk into your room you are standing at the crib rails waiting for me.



This week marks your very first valentines day. Of course I have adorable little heart jammies for you to wear. You are so stinking cute I cannot help what some might call (ahem) an excessive amount of shopping. Anyways your grandma sent you a ridiculously adorable valentines day card. You love that card, the sparkles and the little cartoon charectors especially. Thank you grandma and grandpa for being so thoughtful!





I followed a suggestion I read somewhere, probably from one of the hundreds of books or the thousands of blogs I cannot stop reading, anyways I am using the flashcards now during diaper changes. Yup you heard me right flashcards. I found these fabulous cards from a company called ‘Wee Gallery’. They are black and white, and printed on a heavy cardstock. They are perfect for what I wanted.


You were starting to get squirmy during changes, so instead of starting the inevitable push pull tug of war to change your diaper I now lay you down on the changing table and hand you a card. While I change your diaper I go through a running monologue of what’s on the card:

“Look at the pretty anteater. See his long nose. See the stripe on his head. Anteater’s have very long tougues.” etc.

I know you don’t really know what I am saying but you will one day. Plus the photos are pretty and it changes a diaper changing battle into a learning experience which is a win/win in my book. Of course sometimes you aren’t just looking at the cards, sometimes you eat them… baby steps.




In other news I almost gave myself a heart attack this week. First let me say that I am not a fan of beets, at all. I think they are gross. Little red bombs of disgustingness. However, aside from that fact that I don’t like beets, they are pretty awesome, and lots of other people apparently like them. SO in an effort to not put my crazy, and somewhat extensive, food issues on your tiny shoulders I am feeding you beets. I am buying them, I am peeling them, I am cooking and pureeing them. All for you. And you know what, you like them. Because you are awesome and you apparently like most things.

Anyways back to the heart attack. Because I don’t eat beets, I wasn’t thinking about the side effects, the aftermath… the poop. I went to change your diaper and there is was a diaper full of red. I totally freaked out. I thought you had ruptured something and were bleeding. For a few seconds I lost my mind and stopped breathing. Then a moment later I remembered the beets, and started breathing again. STUPID beets.


Feeding yourself has been the new struggle. You don’t have teeth however, and you take forever to attempt to eat small pieces of things so I am mainly still feeding you purees. Sometimes you just WONT eat unless you try to eat yourself. We end up with your fingers in the bowl, trying to scoop drippy food into your mouth with your fingers all while I dodge around your hands with the spoon hoping to get at least half the spoonful somewhere near your mouth. Your newest technique is to get the food near the edge of the bowl and then to just suck it up with your mouth. Also ineffective. Sometimes I just resort to feeding you with my fingers, I am already super messy already anyways. It’s a challenge for sure and also very very messy!



You are so adorable, always exploring, always getting into something new and I am loving each and every moment of it. You are with me all the time, every single day and it is just the best feeling ever.









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