Friday, February 7, 2014

The Week in Moments: 38 Weeks Old

My Little Cricket,

Being a mom is the hardest thing I have ever done, hands down its just tough, but I have also felt more alive and fulfilled with having you in my world. I go back and read posts when I didn’t think I would ever have a child. I can read the desperation and pain between the lines of those heartfelt sad posts. Now that you are here and really making your personality known I am the happiest ever. My heart, my joy, you bring so much light to our lives.





With that light comes the work. Having pets prepared me so much for having a child, the vomit, the poop, the mess, the constant cleaning. And I don’t mind one bit, because your smile makes it all worth it.


Your hair is growing in… and well, its growing in strangely. you are developing this weird comb over and the sides are just getting creepy shaggy long over your ears. For the past few weeks it has been bugging me, but since you have so little hair I didn’t want to cut it. Finally in a moment of insanity I just couldn’t take it anymore, and with your little head locked between your dads hands I took sissors to the sides and the back. A few snips with the raggedy non-sharp kitchen shears. Thankfully my impulsive little snips are ok and you don’t look like some crazy dud with a crazy uneven haircut.



The dishwasher has become your new best friend. Unfortunatly your new found passion to help me do the dishes is very unhelpful. It now takes me twice as long to unload the clean dishes and load up the dirty ones. Plus as a distraction I keep throwing kitchen utensils on the floor for you to play with so I can work without you tangled in my legs. So when I am finished loading the dishwasher I have a handful of things I need to handwash that you have been playing with. The cycle in endless, and completely adorable.



The biggest news is that you crawled for the VERY first time today. I knew that you were going to be crawling soon, you were trying so hard last week and all this week. Even more exciting is that I just happened to be sitting on the couch reading an article on my phone. After exclaiming in joy I was able to grab a quick video so daddy could see you crawl when he got home from work.

Often you are still content playing in your room for a while but now that you are crawling I am letting you help me around the house. As I clean, or put away laundry or do a million other things you are often there, following me from room to room, exploring and getting into so much that you shouldn’t. You particarly like all my books and although I don’t like them getting messed up I am secretly cheering. I love books and I am loving that you are starting to love them as well. You get more excited about reading than anything else we do and it makes my heart sing.


So as you are crawling around and getting into more and more stuff I am slowly babyproofing. Pretty much anything breakable or that I don’t want you to touch from the waist down has been removed and put up high. Of course I cannot baby proof everything. Rogue for instance is your new passion. Rogue is super gentle with you and I wish you were just as gentle with him. Yanking on his ears and trying to poke out his eyes is your favorite thing ever. I am hoping in the next few weeks to get you to treat him a little more gently.



In other news you are still resisting oatmeal. This week I tried something new, I boiled blueberries into a syrupy mix and added it to your oatmeal. You seem to be tolerating it now. Sadly more seems to get on your than in you sometimes. You are a messy eater, and that mess translates into me getting messy. Daddy asked when this messy stage ends, I am pretty sure not til you move out.






I have been meal planning like crazy. I am still making most of your babyfood from scratch. Sometimes we use the super popular pouches when we are out, or traveling, but mostly you are eating yummy homemade food. I am so proud of myself, it isnt easy, but its cheaper and better for you to put the time in. While I am planning out your meals I have been planning out ours and it has been fun to get creative with both.


You got weirdly sickt this week. Over the course of an hour you vomited four times, had two outfit changes for both you and me, and then a bath for both of us. It hit hard and fast and then was just gone as suddenly as it came. It is the same reaction you have when I have tried to feed you a dairy formula twice, but I didn’t feed you any dairy. Thankfully it didn’t return, just a weird fluke we will put in the ‘who the hell knows’ category.


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Love that big smile! Poor ole Rogue, yes, he IS a messy eater. Try slowing it down a bit.

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