Sunday, February 16, 2014

Our Valentines Weekend

I don’t really want to leave my baby with anyone I don’t know and trust. In LALA land that is only a very small handful of people, three to be exact. Mr. Rogue and I wanted to go out for dinner, and thankfully one of my trusted three could watch my Little Cricket. My cousin Ms. Sweetie came over. I made late reservations so I could put my Little Cricket to bed before we left. And since the baby was going to be sleeping Ms. Sweetie came over early, so she could play with him a bit first.


I got the baby to bed and then Mr. Rogue and I had a wonderful decedent meal at Ruth Chris. Salad, steak, fish, tomatoes, lobster mac & cheese and apple turnover all while not having to worry about the baby. OK to be honest I did check my phone every few minutes, and a good half of Mr. Rogue and my conversation revolved around my Little Cricket, but that is where we are right now, head and shoulders together in love with our little boy. Dinner was simply wonderful and exactly what we needed. Just a little one on one time over a long drawn out meal. SUBLIME.




And lets not forget the flowers, the beautiful orchid arrangement my man sent me on valentines day. He always sends the most beautiful flowers but this one I REALLY REALLY love. Plus orchids live for months in LALA land. I LOVE this man to pieces!


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paul peggy zeus said...

That was so sweet of Ms Sweetie to come sit with Cricket. Way to wine and dine my daughter, Mr Rogue, what a wonderful husband you have!

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