Sunday, February 2, 2014

And This is When I Click my Red Sparkly Shoes

It was time to go home. My Little Cricket refused to sleep in the crib at the hotel the entire time we were in Kansas, so lke the past four mornings I woke up bone achingly tired. There was nothing to do but to push through… advil and diet coke would have to get me through the day. My aunt and uncle thankfully took my mother and I to the airport after breakfast. We were leaving on separate planes within an hour of each other, at least that was the plan.

Plans just love to get screwed up.

When we arrived at the airport everything was fine with my mothers flight, but mine… it had gotten delayed by 4 hours. We we already there two hours early, so that meant that I had to wait, in an airport, with a baby for six hours. My mom was with me for a while, which was such a big huge help.




But eventually she had to leave for her own on time flight. And I was left alone with the baby. I couldnt put him on the ground to play and I had limited options of where to go. We ended up rotating between the high chair at the restaurant, walking around in the baby bijiorn and talking to random people, and when my back started to feel like it would snap in half walking in the stroller.





The problem with walking is that there wasn’t much to see. The Witchita airport has about 6 gates, one restaurant and one store. We ventured over often to the flight tracking board which gave real time updates on where the flights were. I could watch the plane we were going to be on inch oh so slowly toward Wichita. The old guy whos job it was to explain the board kept joking with us: ‘Still here.’ He would say with a smile. Not funny old guy… so not funny.


Once I realized that my meggar stash of toys wasn’t going to last double the time I had planned to be traveling we went to the store and bought a few – semi baby friendly things. And I also spent quite a bit of time looking over all of their fun Wizard of Oz perifinilla. I even bought a killer awesome flipbook that is totally NOT baby, or even kid friendly. I bought it for me, because I LOVE flip books and this one was one of the best I have ever seen.



My only saving grace was that this particular airport had a nursing bench in the handicap bathroom. WHOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!! It was ghetto but at least it was private.

Finally, eventually, after I was about to cry several times we managed to board our plane. Thankfully our day was back on track, and we were taking off in time for me to make my new connecting flight. Looked like I would manage to get home tonight after all. I also was excited that I managed to get an extra seat for my Little Cricket. That is always a plus, especially after the day I have already had today. And our first leg of our trip went well. We both napped which always puts me in a better mood.



Unfortunatly we landed, it took forever for us to get a gate, and then when I deplaned I found out I had to make it to the complete other end of the Dallas airport in 20 minutes. SO NOT IN THE MOOD TO RUN I snagged one of the go carts, slipped the guy a $10 and asked him to please, for the love of GOD drive me to my gate. And that is how I got to my gate, in 10 minutes, without running out of breath.




We made our connecting flight, and we made it home. Late but we were in LALA land. Theres no place like home.



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paul peggy zeus said...

You are so right, there is no place like home. Traveling with a baby can be taxing, but you do such a great job with him! Miss you already!

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