Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Mommy Date: Dinner & Drinks

Mrs. Saree and I have really been hitting it off so when she suggested a little dinner and some wine without the kids I jumped at the chance. I go to these mom groups for support from other moms, and so my son can meet and play with other kids but also so I can connect with people that get exactly where I am. And so I find myself showered, in a dress and high heels, with makeup on for the second time this week. Holla!


We met at Upper West at 8:30, so we could both tuck our little ones into bed before dinner. I had never been and I fell in love with this restaurant. We tried several glasses of wine before picking ours out and then we couldn’t decide what to eat so we ordered a bunch and shared; Wild Mushroom Raviloi, Apple and Blackberry Burratta, Asiago and goat cheese Mac & Cheese, Parsnip & Fennel Slow-cooked Braised Short Ribs. And then even though we were full we split the breadpudding because Mrs. Suree said it was out of this world. She was SO RIGHT!


This girl is TOTALLY my kind of girl. I love when I meet new fabulous, well traveled people that I click with.


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paul peggy zeus said...

So nice to meet people who click with you, who are in the same place you are, that you have so much in common with. Hurray to new friends!

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