Monday, February 17, 2014

A Little Cricket at the Lala Land Zoo

My Little Cricket is officially nine months old today, hurrah. To celebrate, and since it was a wonderfully fabulous sunny day, and since we wanted to do something fun to celebrate we took our little growing curious boy to the LA zoo.


This was the first big outing that Mr. Rogue and I took my Little Cricket on together where we also both wanted to take photos. It was a little battle in the beginning but we managed to work it out. One took the baby and one got to take photos. We had such a great fabulous wonderful time. My Little Cricket got to see so many animals, and so many people and so many fun things and we didn’t have a single meltdown.






Of course we saw lots of cool animals and had a great time taking our photos. I just love the zoo. Sure there are some bad sides to zoos. And I would much rather these animals be free, HOWEVER, they are a great learning tool to help spread the word of preservation and educate people. With that being said I have been to a ton of zoos and I have seen a billion National Geographic shows, sure I might see an animal that I haven’t seen before but its hard to wow me anymore with something new. But I had a wow animal on this trip AND it was a WOW BIRD, which is even more fabulous. The bird was large, like an ostrich, and its head was fabulously colored with bright reds and blues. Called a Double Wattled Cassowary and it’s the animal that Kevin was modeled after in the movie ‘UP’. This bird lives on a small island of New Guinea, it prefers dense rain forests or swamps where there are a ton of fruit trees. These birds like the ostrich have lost the ability to fly so they have to wait for the fruit to fall to the ground. SO COOL.





Jess said...

Love the photos of you guys with your lil peanut :0)

paul peggy zeus said...

Animals and birds at the zoo, back to photography with your baby and your man, it can't get much better than that!

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