Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A ‘Getting Ready for Baby 2’ Checkup

I got up this morning exhausted, like I do most mornings, to get ready for my appointment at my high risk OBGYN. I am now eight months post pardum and I walked in that office convinced that I needed to get pregnant immediately. Im getting older you see, it took me two miscarriages and three years to have my Little Cricket. And time, it’s a ticking, especially if I want three or even four kids.

So I get to my appointment and for once I don’t mind the long wait time. My Little Cricket is snug at the house with his aunt Dancer. I take a couple of really long deep breaths and as pregnant women, or new moms and even that one woman who left with tears in her eyes I reflected, because so MUCH happened for me in this office. So many emotions and chaos and pain and joy. I think about how desperately I want more children, and then I remember how thankful I am to have at least one. I come to the understanding that if for some reason I don’t have more, at least I have my Little Cricket. No children would have been soul shattering for me, but at least with one I could learn to be content. With that realization I let myself feel where I am and that is broken. Broken, tired, beat down and just done. Not exactly the best time to start thinking about getting pregnant again.

I got called back. My blood pressure is great, my weight could be better. I sit on the crinkly paper staring at the same photo on the wall from my last hundred visits. When the doctor walked in I got checked out and I am all good. Healthy, ready for baby number two. I cannot go through another year of trying to conceive, I know me, and I know that I will just stress about the whole situation. So I asked the doctor if I could go right back on Clomid (which is how I got pregnant with my Little Cricket). I was given a prescription right then and there. I am so happy she didn’t fight me on this one.

She did stress that I should finish breastfeeding before trying to conceive again. Since I really wanted to at least get to a year, possibly longer, I may just wait until after my Little Cricket turns one. On the other hand my biological clock is TICKING LIKE CRAZY. So I left with my prescription and not a set date in sight. At least now all the hurdles have been cleared. The doctor gave the go ahead on my surgical scar, I got my prescription, and now I just have to wait until I feel ready. Hopefully that will be sooner rather than later.


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paul peggy zeus said...

Yeah! Another baby in our future! I'm as excited as you are.

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