Sunday, January 19, 2014

Times They Are a-Changin

Ah the things that you learn as a new mother. It was my cousins birthday and she was having a celebratory dinner. Everyone in town that I would trust to watch my Little Cricket was either going to the dinner or was busy with other plans. Since it was just a dinner I decided to go and bring my Little Cricket with us. After all how long could dinner be.

I thought two hours…. I was very very wrong.


Dinner was at the Melting Pot, a fondue place that I had eaten at once before. And the last time I was there it was with my cousin. Such a fitting place to celebrate her birthday and to toast her special day with our signature drink. Ying/Yang Martinins… they were DIVINE! This mama hasn’t had a drink in a while. My tolarence was sadly low.


After drinks we waited, and then we waited some more, and then we waited even longer. Eight of us were there, we were just waiting on the ninth. He showed up an hour late, so we didn’t even get to order until an hour after being at the restaurant. I started sweating a little. That last time I had dinner here it was a long long lazy dinner with each course coming out slower than the one before it. Its funny how timing is so important to me now that I have a baby. With an hour in and no food on the table yet I knew it was going to take forever to get through dinner. I just prayed that my Little Cricket would be able to fall asleep. At least there were plenty of people that wanted to hold and help entertain an adorable baby boy!


I did manage to get my Little Cricket to fall asleep. After nursing in the bathroom, and then rocking and singing and rocking some more. With him sleeping we could all enjoy dinner. And I got to remember why I love this place so much. Not only is the food oh so yummy they have the most amazing plates to help satisify my crazy urge: ‘I don’t like my food to touch’.


One course after another; first cheese and appetisers, then broth and meats for the main course followed by the yummy chocolate fondue desserts. A little song to the birthday girl. Then splitting the bill. All in all we were there for a little over four hours. Five hours if you count the driving time. I was so happy that I got to go, but it was hard on me and the baby.



Happy Birthday Ms. Sweetie!


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paul peggy zeus said...

You've GOT to order an entire set of those plates! lol. Isn't it funny how a nice long leisurely dinner changes after having a baby?

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