Friday, January 17, 2014

The Week in Moments: Eight Months Old - 35 Weeks

I say this so often but I cannot believe how fast you are growing and how big you are getting. I look at these pictures, at these weekly posts and I am blown away by how much I adore you. This week we started feeling better, and recovering from this cold we could now venture out again. Of course because we were sick and because we were traveling I was spoiling you and the result is that even though we are back to normal now you have regressed to waking up 4-5 times throughout the night. Your sleep is back to where it was when you were first born. To say that I am beyond exhausted doesn’t cut it. I am months and months of sleep deprivation in. On the weekends your dad spends a bunch of time with you while I nap. I love that you get to spend time bonding with your dad and that I get some extra time to rest.









You are still doing great with food. Gone are the first days where you weren’t quite sure how to swallow, where most of it ended up on you then in you. There was one little choking incident with a de-skinned cut up grape that I had let you try. Apparently it wasn’t cut up enough and you took several deep coughs to get it back up. It was a SCARY few seconds; needless to say grapes are banned for a while now. We introduced a cup with a straw, the Zoli cup this week. I thought it was going to take you a few weeks to get the hang of it but you took to it right off. Now you are drinking an ounce or so of water a day and it is the cutest thing ever.


You continue to make me smile all the time doing all kinds of adorable things. You are now sleeping on your stomach with your butt up in the air. My mom said that I used to sleep that way and I find myself sneaking into you room to check on you and just grinning at your adorableness, it is just so stinking cute!


You still do well with play time on your own a little each day but more often than not you will be following me around constantly from room to room as I am putting away laundry, or doing dishes or cleaning. Often I take photos throughout our day, both for the blog and because daddy likes to know what we are up to and how you are doing during the day while he is at work.







This week you started doing something new. Now when you want me, if you are hungry, tired or just want some cuddles you will crawl directly under my legs and start to whimper. You will rest your head on my foot, grasp the bottom of my pants and hold on until I pick you up. I am sure at some point it will perhaps annoy me but for now I am so happy that you can come to me when you want something.


Something else new this week is that you started clicking your tongue. I never thought I would spend an hour in pure bliss mimicking sounds with my son, yet here I am, clicking away back to you and feeling so incredibly happy.


You are also now tall enough to reach the floor in your bouncer. It is still set to the lowest level but at least now we can get rid of the pillow that used to rest below your feet. This is proof that you are getting taller, bigger. As you reach each milestone I grin in pride.





But by far my favorite new thing is that now, when I carry you around, you weave your fingers in the back of my hair. I have a very sensitive scalp, and I love my hair played with. This thing you do, to hold on, to stay connected to me, brings me so much joy.




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SUPER sweet, although the clicking video didn't load. LOVE that little pimp hat of his! Super cute!

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