Friday, January 31, 2014

The Week in Moments: 37 Weeks Old

Your big moment this week is when you finally sat up all by yourself for the first time. You have been doing great with practicing, lying on your back and working out your abs, you have been doing great with sitting when I put you sitting up. I was so super excited when you did it. I snapped a photo right away for daddy. You of course didn’t really think it was that big of a deal. You looked over at me and smiled. I didn’t get you sitting up on video, you only did it three times and every time I was just too slow to get to the camera. Maybe next week!



It is official; you are getting into everything, the trash, the cords and putting random dirty things off the floor in your mouth. I have to watch you like a hawk or you might just stuff the cat in your mouth.



Speaking of the cat you and Seurat are officially best friends. Every time I put you on the floor the cat runs over for a snuggle. You pull his ears and poke his eyes and he just LOVES it. I really thought that the cat would run the other way when you were in the room… that cat; he just likes to keep me guessing.


I am still making all your food and you are eating everything except oatmeal. I know random right, oatmeal of all things. You know oatmeal doesn’t taste like anything really. You could have picked something else to hate. I resort to pouches of baby food when we are out or traveling but you don’t like it as much. I tasted some and I really cannot blame you… yuk. Even the fruit tastes off. Good think I like to cook. I am slowly transitioning you over to eating a modification of what we eat. I simply reserve a little for you of what I am making and then I spice ours up. Eventually I will get to a point where we are all eating the same thing and I can stop making separate meals.

You still prefer to feed yourself, I let you help me with the spoon but you aren’t coordinated yet to use is alone. You do love your mesh pouch where I will often give you fruit, bananas are your favorite. And you are getting better and better at using a pincher grasp with the puffs (Baby crack) which you love!




We traveled this week to Kansas and although it was so sad to be at the funeral I was so thankful for you. You were my little happiness booster, whenever I got too sad I would just hug you tight. You are my little buddy, my sunshine, my light and I am so happy you could be there to comfort me when no one else could.



The one good thing about coming to the funeral is that you got to see grandma again. She had so much fun getting into trouble with you. And you, you just soaked it up. It brings me so much joy to see my mom with you, and often laughter as you too play.

Of course we spent a bunch of time at places that are not baby friendly which makes it doubly hard on me. You are moving so much, still not officially crawling though; instead you are a ‘sniper baby’ arm crawling so fast I can barely keep up. Thank goodness there were many people helping me with you, it really does take a village to raise a baby.



I am so glad that I got the opportunity to have a baby, have a baby as sweet and wonderful and adorable as you. I really have known more joy, more happiness, more love since you were born. You are awesome.




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paul peggy zeus said...

Aw, I had such a wonderful time seeing him again. He brings joy to my life.

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