Friday, January 24, 2014

The Week in Moments: 36 Weeks Old

Tuesday night you slept through the night for the very first time 8pm to 6am. It was the longest stretch you ever slept and although I am SUPER HAPPY that we are moving closer to my goal of having you sleep consistently for longer periods I of course didn’t get to enjoy sleep as well. First I had a hard time falling to sleep, daddy had a bad snoring night (thank goodness it is in general getting better with his medication) and then I had to wake up a billion times to check on you, to make sure you were still breathing, because my brain just couldn’t wrap itself around the fact that you were actually just sleeping..






UGH my OCD is starting to tweak out!!! You are so messy and I keep trying to keep up. I am realizing that it may just be a losing battle. This week you are really crawling around like crazy and I just got a little lazy with the cleaning this week. We have hard wood floors throughout the house. I put you on the floor so I could cook dinner. You were cooing, drooling, playing with your toys, chasing the cat, the dog and me. Basically you were crawling everywhere. And then I picked you up. You had only been on the floor for twenty minutes but you were filthy. You drool and then you LITERALLY mop my floors with your stomach. EWWWWWWW. We went and took a bath right away.


You continue to be a good eater and you tried some new foods this week; a quinoa salad and black bean hummus, both which you loved. In the second batch of black bean hummus I decided to add a little onion and garlic… mommy fail you totally smelled for days, it masked your oh so sniffable babiness that I love. So note to self, avoid garlic and onions in your homemade baby food, at least for a while.



You are becoming a world class check hoarder. You stuff pet hair, carpet fuzz, bits of tape and plastic in there like you are a squirrel and WINTER IS COMING. It is becoming ridiculous because you are super stealthy about it. Half the time I only know something is in there by the stillness of your mouth. You plead with your eyes, no mom… see I am not chewing anything. But I am onto you! Oh yes I am. On top of the check hoarding you are also licking everything. It is so weird. You lick the floor, the carpet, the dishwasher, me, daddies whiskers. It’s like you are tasting everything, using all your sense to filing everything away. You continue to be adorable despite your odd behavior.





Lastly, since you have been sitting up so well in the high chair I decided to try out having you sit in the big boy seat in the shopping cart for the first time this week. You were ESTATIC with your new lookout. Normally I carry you in the ergo carrier so my back was also ecstatic about not having to carry you through the grocery store. It was a win/win situation!





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paul peggy zeus said...

So many adorable photos in this post. He really loves that owl Ms. Smarty Pants bought for him.

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