Friday, January 10, 2014

The Week in Moments: 34 Weeks Old

This week has been hard because we are still both sick. Being sick before baby sucked but it was filled with long hours reading, longer hours sleeping, and some time watching movies all the while on drugs. Being sick with a sick baby is just downright awful. I am sick yet I have to put myself on the backburner to take care of my sick son. I cannot sleep, I cannot take medicine, I cannot relax. I need an intervention. At one point I really felt delirious and both my Little Cricket and I just curled up in bed together. Thank goodness starting the middle of the week we both started feeling better, I really don’t know how much longer I could have lasted. You really don’t know how strong you are until you are faced with obstacles. -





Near the end of the week since your nose finally stopped running we ventured outside for some sunshine with a few other moms. After being cooped up inside all week it was awesome just to get out of the house and breath fresh air from my now unclogged nose.



You are starting to understand more and more. I can see you concentrating trying to figure things out and when you do you are so happy. For instance this week I think you finally got what clapping meant. You had finished all your food and I starting singing and clapping, you got really happy and tried to join in. Your hand eye coordination is still a little off but at least you tried.




You are loving food and it is a constant effort to get healthy food bought, made for you and then fed to you at the right times. Between breast feeding and your meals that I fed you I feel like all we do is eat. I am thankful that pretty much everything I put in front of you eat. The only thing you keep refusing is oatmeal. Now that we are home from traveling, and now that we are both feeling better I am back in the kitchen cooking yummy food for you instead of feeding you things in pouches. This week we tried several new things and you loved them all; kale chips, roasted red pepper hummus, blueberries and egg yolks.





The fruits gave you your Christmas present here in Cali instead of in Raleigh because it was so big. It’s a horseshoe type arch with lots of buttons and lights and music. Daddy put it together while you watched. YOU LOVE IT. Now we have two large obnoxious pieces of fun for you to play with; this new piece and the car grandma and grandpa gave you which you also adore.




Another toy you are getting a ton of use from is your bouncer. I have it right next to my desk so if I want to pop on for a few minutes and check something important you have a station to hang out in. You still cannot quite reach the ground so we are still using a pillow under your little feet. This week you finally got the full bouncing down, you really knock yourself out and are having so much fun.

We moved the couch in the family room for two reasons. When I am in the kitchen the couch was blocking most of the area on the floor you were playing in. I couldn’t just glace over and see you and it was annoying walking back and forth to make sure you were ok. Secondly the couch now covers the fireplace which we never use. That fireplace has sharp corners and glass both that would have been very difficult to babyproof in a way that didn’t look ghetto superstar. Now you have a huge area to play in that I can see to keep you safe. Too bad that area often looks like a toy tornado. I am spending an exponentially long time cleaning up toys, I pick them up right before each nap and right before you go to bed at night. Seriously I am cleaning at least three times a day filling baskets of toys because I cannot stand it when my house looks like this. My eye starts to twitch and I cannot relax. Let the continued impossibility of managing the chaos start.


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That bouncy toy looks like a lot of fun! Love seeing Mr Rouge with his son. Very special indeed!

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