Monday, January 13, 2014

Old Negatives Restored

A very long time ago my grandpa gave me some very old negatives that were tucked away behind the photo albums in a shoebox. He had no idea what were on them but since the photo albums couldn’t be torn apart so I could have some photos that was the best he could do. I kept those negatives always thinking that someday I would get them developed. A few years ago I took them into a photo printing place thinking I would get some of them developed only to learn that since these negatives were so old that I wouldn’t be able to get them printed here or pretty much anywhere else. Nope to get them developed I would have to go to a specialty shop. I put them back in their box and then forgot about them again.

Just recently I dug out that box, I found a specialty print shop that could develop these types of negatives and then I almost passed out when they told me how much it would cost. I went home and using a lightboard I compared the negatives to the scaned photos I had of my grandparents photoalbums. I picked only the photos that I had never seen before or that I didn’t have scans for. This decreased the amount of negatives significantly. Once I had the ones marked that I wanted I went back to the store and paid for my order. Now all I had to do was wait 8 weeks. It seemed like forever in an age where you can get almost everything and anything done immediately. The result were some fantastic gems. Some of them were photos that I already had scans of but they were much better quality. I may one day just go ahead and get the rest of the negatives I have developed just so I can have high res images of everything… maybe someday. For now I am treasuring these photos from my grandparents past.

I gave my father a disk as a gift for his birthday. He loved it, as I knew he would. A little slice of his past.






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paul peggy zeus said...

This CD was priceless! Thank you so much, you are always so thoughtful.

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