Thursday, January 23, 2014

Mommy Group Session 3: Class 3

Of course I am reading, reading and doing even more reading about anything and everything regarding raising a child. The more I know the more I am hoping that I will do a great job. But despite how much I read I learn more in one of these Mommy Group Classes than I do reading all week on my own. Today we started by talking about mommy philosophies. Instinctive parents, attachment parenting, helicopter parenting, authoritive parenting and permissive parenting. I don’t really think I am going to strictly adhere to any style, instead I will probably just pick and choose what works for our little family.


After parenting philosophies we started talking about the ridicoulousness of LALA lands preschool application process. We first talked about the philosophies of different schools, region amillio, Monnesori and co-op. And then how we have to get our applications and tours completed before our child turns fifteen months. No matter they wont be attending preschool until three. Apparently the whole system can be pretty cutthroat and I am not looking forward to diving into this. To be honest I am not even sure if I want to send my son to preschool. I want my son to stay with me, at home, where I can educate him and give him the best foundation possible. I care more and will do a much better job of tailoring learning to my son than a few teachers faced with a large group of children.

Mr. Rogue convinced me to apply regardless, if I change my mind it would be better to already have a spot in a class than to try scrambling last minute.


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paul peggy zeus said...

Mr. Rouge is so right, he usually is, you know. I agree on not sticking to one strict philosophy on raising your child. Most of it is learn as you go anyway. As soon as you learn this stage, your baby is moving on to the next phase.

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