Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mommy Group Session 3: Class 2

The kids in class are starting to get crazy busy. From a few months ago when most of them would just chill quietly in front of their moms to now crawling, walking and rolling clear across the room. In fact lately the helpers have been creating more and more elaborate setups for the babies. What was once just some toys strewn on the floor has now become a little fun baby gym.


Today we talked a lot about food. All of us are working on feeding our little ones the best we can. Some are buying baby food, some like me are making our own baby food, and some like me also are dealing with allergies. Still again there are issues with fussiness, preferences, making sure our little ones are getting all the nutrition that they need. No one told me that being a mom would be so much work. Most of us are feeling in a rut about what we are exposing our children too. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are just a revolving spin of the same old same old. So Allison today talked quite a bit about branching out and trying some new things. Which leads me to want to go to the store and buy new things to make for my Little Cricket.

I often go to the market on my way home from class.

We also discussed transitioning to the big tub. Ever since our babies were born we have been giving sponge baths or little baby bird baths. But my Little Cricket as well as the rest of the kids in class are starting to get too big for those little tubs. My Little Cricket is still small enough but this is something I have to start thinking about.


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paul peggy zeus said...

I really like these classes, such great interactions with babies and moms, and you learn so much too.

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