Thursday, January 9, 2014

Mommy Group Session 3: Class 1

We were the first in the room today for class. After weeks off I was happy to be back in this space. It is so difficult being a new mom and being constantly bombarded by information. We live in such a massive information, the world of knowledge and research at the tip of our fingertips that I feel like sometimes I have to read everything and be at least knowladgable about so much. Coming to this room with other super smart moms trying to do it all and a group leader to vet questions and ideas makes me feel like I am not alone. This space has been so helpful not only to answer my questions and to learn but also to make me feel normal.


Today we had two new members and two more delisicous babies added to our group. And after being out of session for so long almost everyone was there. The room was packed. Usually Allison will have a general topic for the day however since we have been out for a month we spent our time just catching up. Moms shared who was walking or sleeping through the night and we all had random questions of things we had encountered while away.

It was lovely catching up with everyone and I cannot wait until next week and our new topics we will be covering in this next session.


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paul peggy zeus said...

You have quite a group this week.

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