Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Kansas: Oh So Sadly, Here we Come

I struggled with deciding to fly to Kansas for the funeral. I was still exhausted from thanksgiving, Christmas and being so sick the past two weeks. But family is important, especially for a tragedy of losing someone so young. So my Little Cricket and I are on our way to Kansas, on a plane again, on our way to the middle of nowhere.

With all this traveling at least I have this whole, traveling with a small child down to a science. Packing was easy. Getting through security was easy. I grabbed some easy to eat food for my flight and even managed to snag a seat for my Little Cricket on the plane for free. SCORE!


I arrived in Kansas and my Aunt and Uncle were there to get me. It was already late and we were pretty tired but we swung by my uncles house to offer our condolences. My mom was there and she scooped up her grandbaby, where he pretty much stayed unitl it was time to leave; eating her waterbottle, playing with her phone and enjoying the baby snuggles.




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paul peggy zeus said...

I am so grateful you could come. It meant the world to me and to your uncle as well.

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